Newsletter | December 8, 2021

12.08.21 -- Food Online Product Showcase: Safe Processing And Packaging


Food Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to food safety and quality.

Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector For Food Packaging Manufacturing

The Thermo Scientific Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector utilizes an innovative new technology to overcome the limitation of fixed single- or dual-frequency metal detectors that can miss metal contaminants hidden in product signals.

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Thermo Scientific Product Inspection
X-Ray Inspection Systems For Packaged Products

X-ray inspection systems for packaged products offer maximum contamination detection sensitivity at high throughputs for a diverse range of food and pharmaceutical applications. Typical packaged applications include the inspection of foil and plastic containers, cartons/boxes, foil pouches, bags and sacks, trays, tubes, sachets, flow-wraps, PET bottles, and blister packs.

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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
AccuRate Volumetric Series Feeders

In most every industry worldwide, from chemicals to food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and countless others, you'll find Schenck Process volumetric feeders at work, metering fine powders, flakes, granules, chips, fibers, pellets, and anything else imaginable.

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Schenck Process LLC
GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System For Pathogen Detection

Reliable, reproducible, easy testing — why wait days to get results?
The GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System helps to provide microbial test data in as little as two hours, using a simple-to-use, robust, and cost-effective platform based on quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology. Using the GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System represents an attractive alternative to existing microbiological methods.

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Pall Corporation
Vertical Blenders For Manufacturing
Ross V-Blenders are most often used for the intimate dry blending of free-flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 15 minutes, however, they can be less depending on the difficulty of the blending.
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Charles Ross and Son Company
XR75 Food X-Ray Inspection System
Recognizing the short- and long-term requirements of today’s processors and manufacturers, our engineers designed the XR75 X-ray inspection/Advanced Long Life Technology to provide heightened sensitivity at reduced energy levels. Because of this, cost of ownership is significantly lowered, and life cycles are extended.
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Anritsu - Product Inspection & Detection
Pressure Measurement Instrumentation
Whether pressure, level, or flow, today’s pressure measurement technology is often used for measuring liquids, pastes, and gases. With a wide range of sensor technology, Endress+Hauser offers instruments with the perfect fit for any kind of application.
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Endress+Hauser, Inc.
Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaeser's line of industrial air compressors is designed for reliability, maximum efficiency, and easy maintenance.

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
PI System

The PI System unlocks operational insights and new possibilities. It enables digital transformation through trusted, high-quality operations data. Collect, enhance, and deliver data in real time in any location. Empower engineers and operators. Accelerate the work of analysts and data scientists. Support new business opportunities.

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Aerzen Delta Blower G5

The Delta Blower Generation 5 is the synthesis of the successful characteristics developed in previous generations combined with new technical innovations that already meet the market requirements of the future. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik was the first blower manufacturer to design compact units in 1960 and has developed this machine type continuously ever since. Delta Blower Generation 5 is therefore already the 5th generation of AERZEN blower units and represents the successful combination of tradition and innovation.

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