Food Manufacturing - Vision Inspection Equipment

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Food Manufacturing - Vision Inspection Equipment

The METTLER TOLEDO V24 vision inspection series is designed to provide rapid and accurate quality control inspections of labels and packaging on container types which have historically been challenging. Our unique un-oriented inspection techniques are able to locate and verify important label information no matter the direction the camera is facing. In addition, the V24 series performs packaging quality inspections such as cap presence/position and integrity as well as fill level.

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The V24 vision inspection series ensures the right label is present and looking its best. The importance of product labeling cannot be understated, and making sure products look their best on the shelf can make the difference in a consumer's product choice.

The V24 vision inspection series inspects caps and tamper bands, as well as fill levels to reduce wasted product. Improperly applied closures can cause product leaks, contaminating other products - so properly seated caps and tamper bands are crucial elements within any quality control inspection system.

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