Food Label Printing and Inspection Equipment

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Food Label Printing and Inspection Equipment

The V28 series of inspection systems is METTLER TOLEDO's solution for manufacturers who require both label printing and inspection to take place in the same system. Available in both in-line and stand-alone configurations, the V28 series is particularly ideal for manufacturers performing small batch runs of products.

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In the modern manufacturing environment, products running on the same production line will all require labels of varying sizes and designs. The V28 series switches easily between different label formats and configurations.

The V28 series not only prints information, but it verifies the presented information is correct, ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations.

The print and inspection software that powers the V28 series has been designed for ease of use, with templates that allow for easy label design and simple label inspection controls.

The V28 series includes a compact model which is meant to be used as a tabletop printer and label inspection system, ideal for R&D applications and other industries where smaller batch runs are required.

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