Flexibility In Packaging: Having One Solution For Several Products

Source: Food Online

PACK EXPO 2014 took place at Chicago’s McCormick Place November 2 – November 5. Food Online’s Editor Sam Lewis attended the event and had the opportunity to speak with several of the event’s attendees and exhibitors.

Lewis spoke with the show’s representatives, exhibitors, and presenters about a wide range of topics: from the latest solutions in food-packaging and food-processing technology, to how product-inspection and traceability technologies are evolving alongside federal and global food-safety regulations.

Here, Lewis had the opportunity to speak with Pat Rocchi, Marketing and Communications Manager at Fresco System USA. Rocchi speaks about several types of packaging equipment that traditionally handle coffee but are applicable to other areas of conveyed food, such as the frozen segment. Rocchi mentions that versatility is a key driver in the packaging industry. According to Rocchi, food manufacturers should seek packaging solutions that address a number of needs, not just one solution for one product. Finally, Rocchi touches on hygienic practices. Rocchi stresses that packaging equipment for aseptic packaging should be FDA validated, meaning it is able to be washed down and remain sterile during operation.