News | February 13, 2014

FIPA Presents Bernoulli Vacuum Cups For Direct Food Contact


Greater holding force, less weight: With the new Bernoulli vacuum cups, FIPA GmbH ) offers a solution for gentle handling of food and other delicate products. “The new Bernoulli grippers are made from PEEK, a material suitable for use with foodstuffs, and meet the stringent requirements of hygienic design,” says Rainer Mehrer, CEO of FIPA.

The effect of the newly developed Bernoulli grippers from FIPA is based on the so-called Bernoulli principle. In the process, compressed air flows through a very fine nozzle on the underside of the vacuum cup and is greatly accelerated by a special outlet geometry. The rapid air flow produces underpressure and thus exerts a lifting force on the workpiece. The air jet released acts like an air cushion on which the workpiece below the gripper floats - ideal for delicate products.

The new Bernoulli vacuum cups from FIPA are made from FDA compliant PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) and are therefore particularly well suited for applications with direct food contact. Thanks to the combination of high chemical resistance and hygienic design, the new Bernoulli vacuum cups from FIPA can easily be integrated into industrial cleaning processes. The principle of operation enables almost contactless handling of delicate products without damage. 

Thanks to its high volume flow at low underpressure, the new Bernoulli gripper is ideally suited for handling or separating porous products. 

For handling larger/heavier workpieces, several Bernoulli vacuum cups can easily be combined. Two further advantages of the new series can be observed in the process. Compared to the conventional aluminium version, the new Bernoulli suction cups are up to 75% lighter and offer three times more suction power. This means that gripper systems in an energy-saving lightweight design for highly dynamic handling requirements can be realized.

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