Article | June 16, 2016

FDA Labeling Changes: A Survival Guide

Source: Alchemy Systems
FDA Labeling Changes: A Survival Guide

By Holly Mockus, Alchemy Systems

Labeling changes can keep you awake at night—literally. Whether it’s an update to a company logo or a minor change to an ingredient statement, changing labels will raise your stress level. Using labels out of sequence, obsolete labels, or just plain wrong labels can be costly. Labeling mistakes will take a chunk out of your bottom line, lead to loss of customer and consumer confidence, or trigger a recall.

Recently, the FDA published a large change to the requirements for nutritional labeling that is now open for comment. A change like this will affect every package that currently has a nutritional panel. Although it may seem like this change is off in the distant future, it’s never too soon to start preparing for a change of this magnitude. Survival requires a keen awareness of common pitfalls so you can come out on the other end unscathed.

Scope Out The Terrain
Reviewing the FDA proposed changes and provide comment—either as an individual, as a company, or through a trade organization. Providing comment is an excellent way to help guide and direct what the finalized requirements will look like. It is a privilege to be invited to provide commentary. Just like casting a vote in an election, failure to participate is a failure to protect your industry’s interests. Let your voice be heard.