E-Book | May 31, 2016

How 10 Companies Met Safety Compliance & Government Regulation Through Software Solutions

Source: Aptean
10 Examples Of F & B Companies Meeting Safety Compliance And Government Regulation Through Software Solutions

Our customers are the companies that are growing in a hurry, the food companies that want to be the innovators at meeting safety compliance and government regulation. They are the group of people thinking not just about how to run their current business better, but how technology can help them grow their business in the future. In 2004, when we created JustFoodERP, we were fortunate to win over some very forward thinking customers. Our customers are a huge component in what has made us successful. Sure we have some very savvy minds in our research and development department, a solid support organization, and we have the most skilled implementers in the industry, but it is our customers’ influence and support that has brought us where we are today. We have more than 100 food facilities using our software. We rank in the top 1% of Microsoft partners globally, and we have a product roadmap that is unmatched in the industry. The following are just a few of our customers’ stories using JustFoodERP.