News | February 6, 2007

Eriez Permanent Sight Glass Magnets Remove Fine And Weakly Magnetic Ferrous Contamination From Material Flows

Source: Eriez

Eriez is pleased to introduce its first magnet designed exclusively for the plastics industry, the new Super Strength Rare Earth Permanent Sight Glass Magnet. This powerful magnet removes tramp metal contamination from plastic resin and pellets as it passes through a site glass loader on its way to a molding machine.

Eriez' Rare Earth magnet circuit utilizes the strongest magnet material available to remove more fine iron contamination and reduce product wash–off.

These advanced magnets feature continuously welded construction, and four sizes are available to fit most site glass loaders. Customers can choose between two different magnet diameters, 1–inch or 5/8–inch (25.4 mm or 15.9 mm).

"Eriez' new Permanent Sight Glass Magnets are stronger, less expensive and match (dimensionally) the current industry standard," said Dave Heubel, Eriez' Market Manager for the Sanitary Industries.