Case Study

How A Salsa And Dressing Producer Earned Its SQF 2000 Code Of Food Safety

Source: Eriez

Today’s consumers are demanding safer, healthier foods. That demand moves down the chain with retailers and food service providers asking manufacturers to provide verifiable proof that food safety systems have been effectively implemented. Drew’s LLC, a producer of high quality, unique dressings and salsas, must take this nationwide initiative to a high level with operational procedures and technologically innovative equipment specifically installed to meet rigid food safety guidelines.

To remain competitive in the demanding and highly-scrutinized food industry, Drew’s achieved certification in early 2011 from the Safe Quality Food Institute in meeting the SQF 2000 Code of Food Safety. This certification was earned in part because of the Eriez E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors in place. The company installed an Eriez E-Z Tec DSP Liquid Line Metal Detector in November 2010 to detect metal contamination in their all-natural dressings and salsas prior to being bottled. Drew’s previously installed an aperture style E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector at the end of its production line to inspect the capped bottles prior to being packaged in cartons and shipped to hundreds of stores. With the two Eriez Metal Detectors, Drew’s has double protection against any sort of metal particulate reaching customers.