Case Study

Basciani Foods Achieves High Ranking For Total Quality Assurance And HACCP

Source: Eriez

Among Basciani Foods’ main mushroom farm in Avondale, PA ships 1.5 million pounds of freshly-harvested mushrooms per week to its hundreds of food service and retail customers. Minute metal fragments that may be undetectable to a line worker can work their way into the processing stage while the mushrooms are being sliced before packaging.

Ensuring products are safe before they are shipped to the end user requires oldfashioned handpicking and sorting as well as advanced technological equipment. Basciani utilizes Eriez® E-Z Tec® DSP Metal Detectors at all of its facilities. At the Avondale Farm, all mushrooms conveyed over five bulk processing lines or two packaging lines moves through E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors before leaving the facility to make sure the fresh produce is free of metal contamination.

Basciani takes special pride in that their Total Quality Assurance/HACCP scores are consistently in the upper 90 percentile range. “We need to make sure the products meet the Critical Control Points and are 100 percent safe right before they are shipped to the end user,” says Basciani Plant Manager Fred Recchiuti. “The Eriez E-Z Tec Metal Detectors play an important role in that process.”