Economy High Definition X-Ray Inspection System For Food Manufacturers

Source: Anritsu Infivis Inc.

Economy High Definition X-Ray Inspection System For Food Manufacturers

When you are looking for reliable x-ray inspection and simple construction, the Economy High Definition (HD) food inspection technology is the machine that has these qualities.

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This x-ray technology line has three different models, including:

  • KD7405KP
  • KD7405KDP
  • KD7405KCP

These low power entry models are suitable for inspecting packaged dry goods, such as confectionary and seasonings (KD7405KP, KD7405KDP), as well as lightweight dry products and those in small bags (KD7405KCP).

Standard Features

  • Dust and Waterproof Protection Class
  • Statistics
  • NG History
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Flow Direction Change
  • Variable Belt Speed
  • Variable Line Heights
  • Online Interface
  • Ethernet
  • USB Data Port
  • HACCP Support
  • Terminal Switching Type

Optional Features

  • Relative Mass Measurement
  • Printer
  • Rejection Confirmation
  • 10 Classifications
  • CE Marking
  • FCC Compliance

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