News | February 18, 2015

Eagle Systems Delivers Cold Foil To NJ's McLean Packaging


New System to help Moorestown Division to produce more jobs that “jump off the shelf”

Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, recently announced the completed installation of its Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system at the manufacturing operations of McLean Packaging Corporation in Moorestown, NJ. The Folding Carton Division in Moorestown is revered for their production of high-end paperboard and plastic folding cartons and lids, tag and label applications, rigid and flexible windowing, specialty hot stamping and embossing, as well as silk screening. The Eagle Cold Foil System was installed in mid-December, and now operates in unison with the company’s Manroland 700 press. For more product information, go to

“I congratulated Eagle Systems on their outstanding performance in installing our new cold foil machine,” notes Joseph Fenkel, McLean Chairman & CEO. “What impressed me the most was how hands on Mike

King and his staff were in servicing and installing the system. Eagle allowed us to start producing cold foil in a very short period of time [two days]. When they told us it would be in operation by a certain date they were true to their word and made sure it happened. We have been very happy with the quality of the cold foil coming off the press.
“We’ve built our position and reputation in the marketplace through innovation, core efficiency, and our ability and willingness to communicate with our customers. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of competition via better design, and of course, better technology. After investigating five or six alternatives we found Eagle Systems. Their technology will enhance our packaging capabilities, while producing products that we envision will jump off the shelf. Eagle will give us that significant competitive industry advantage.

“With the speed of the installation and the very short learning curve, we’re already well into the marketing stage of our implementation plan. We’ve developed a customer introduction booklet that demonstrates our new capabilities and increased quality achieved by Eagle’s perfect registration. There are so many advantages to Eagle’s cold foil system and we’re aiming to exploit them all. For example, cold foil is recyclable, enabling us to be that much more efficient and cost effective with material expenses. And printing on Mylar enables us to expand our reach and serve new client needs.”

“Simply stated, we’re always looking to do things better. Has it worked? Over the last seven years, we’ve realized growth of more than 50%. And our investment in Eagle is just the beginning. In the next two years, we plan to invest in new equipment to the tune of $15M.”

The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System
The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system is a value-added finishing technique for cold foil applications. The add-on system can retrofit to new or existing 70cm up to 200cm sheet-fed offset presses from most major press manufacturers. It offers users the flexibility to apply a single 102cm width of foil or multiple widths of foil, in any combination, as narrow as 5cm. This ability greatly reduces foil cost and consumption. In addition, the cold foil system operates on about the same amount of electricity as a 1,500 watt hair dryer, reducing energy demands in production environments. This year, Eagle Systems has added the ability to use a 16,000k foil roll which allows for less change over during a job run.

About McLean Packaging
Founded in 1961, McLean Packaging remains a privately held company that has grown from a modest 8,000 square-foot facility to three highly specialized manufacturing facilities that combined occupy more than 425,000 square feet and produce over $60M in annual sales. The company’s three manufacturing divisions produce and design rigid paper boxes, folding cartons, thermo form trays and corrugated cartons and displays. Moving forward, McLean is committed to their customers, offering the best conceptual ideas together with the finest quality packaging technology, in a low-cost manufacturing environment. Even in growth, the company is committed to continual reinvestment in equipment and personnel, communicating product quality through design and production, creating innovative problem-solving designs and market solutions, and exceeding the expectations of their customers.

About Eagle Systems
For more than 25 years, Eagle Systems has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of foil application and print enhancement equipment. With hundreds of installations around the world, the Eagle Systems brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and state of the art innovation. Since founding the company, Mike King, CEO/President and inventor of all Eagle Systems products, has specialized in the use of foil in printing. Once again Mike has demonstrated his dominance in this arena since the company first rolled out a new line of foil systems – the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil and the Eco-Eagle Cast and Cure systems.

These systems are in a class of their own. Completely manufactured, assembled and tested at their new plant in Ocean New Jersey, the Eco-Eagle systems are installed and in production within three days. Using advanced technology and the power of the internet, the highly automated Eco-Eagle Systems reduce foil costs, run smoothly and foil dust free without operator intervention. For more information, visit