News | January 22, 2018

Eagle Product Inspection Launches New EPX100 X-Ray Inspection System

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

To help manufacturers improve product safety, achieve compliance and protect their brands in an easier, more economically-efficient way, Eagle Product Inspection is launching the EPX100 x-ray system for the inspection of packaged foods and goods.

Manufacturers can get a first look at the EPX100 at Anuga FoodTec 2018, 20-23 March in Cologne, Germany. Providing an affordable solution for food and packaged goods, the system is suitable for a broad range of product applications across the bakery, confectionery, produce, ready meal, snack food, and personal care industries.

“Our experts designed this system as a mainstream tool that is safe, simple and smart for small and mid-sized operators as well as global companies who want to standardize their detection solutions across a variety of products,” says Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager for Eagle Product Inspection. “At a critical control point of the process, the EPX100 can be deployed quickly, efficiently and easily and in a cost-effective way as manufacturers safeguard their products and brands.”

From a food safety standpoint, the EPX100 utilizes Eagle's advanced x-ray technology to detect and automatically reject potential contaminants including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones, some plastic and rubber compounds and calcified bones. The system inspects products in cartons, plastic containers and pouches, among other formats.

Eagle’s new EPX100 machine was created for ease of operation and low maintenance. Users can access all regular or daily functions from the operator side of the machine. The system features adjustable power settings, an important consideration for companies who produce a variety of SKUs. The low-energy x-ray environment helps manufacturers minimize energy use and cost. The accompanying SimulTask™ 5 image processing software (Eagle’s latest software advancement) provides greater operational visibility, with an intuitive interface.

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About Eagle Product Inspection
As pioneers in x-ray inspection technology, Eagle Product Inspection is enhancing the physical contamination detection and quality inspection capabilities of food and consumer packaged goods manufacturers worldwide. Our food inspection solutions cover a wide range of industries including dairy, confectionery, bakery, fruits and vegetables, poultry, red meat, snacks, ready meals for packaged products, bulk, carton boxes, pouches, tall rigid containers, trays or unpackaged products.

Source: Eagle Product Inspection