News Feature | January 14, 2014

Domino Sugar And C & H Sugar Flip Their Lids!

Source: Food Online

By Alec Italiano, contributing writer

Pouring Sugar

New flip-top packaging provides easy pouring with less clumping in a stylish, ergonomically-designed container

A new packaging design for an age old commodity, sugar, has recently been unveiled by both the Domino Sugar and C & H Sugar companies. Both manufacturers have shifted from the traditional cardboard cylinders and bags for the natural sweetener, to a new flip-top style container. The design change allows the companies to fulfill consumers’ growing needs of tabletop sugar container. By providing a container designed to sit on a table or counter, the need to continually fill a sugar bowl has been eliminated. Additionally, the lid prevents the product from clumping with its flip-top that snaps shut.

The sugar companies found in their research that there was a need for a sleek-looking container that would easily fit in consumers’ hands.  Research also found that by creating a container that pours easily, the teaspoon and sugar bowl were no longer needed. The companies’ research and design prospects eventually became reality as the final design spotlights a curvy, cylindrical plastic container styled to blend in perfectly in a modern kitchen. Domino and C & H hope the new containers become a staple of the family table, proudly displaying the products’ brand name, and eliminate the need for a sugar bowl and teaspoon.

The new design was released in late 2013 and is expected to hit retailers’ shelves soon. The eastern U.S. will act as a test market for Domino’s new “Brownulated Light Brown Sugar.”  The brown sugar, currently available in a re-sealable pouch, is being renamed as “Pourable Light Brown Sugar.”  This is being done to emphasize that the free-flowing brown sugar will not clump or harden — a well-known trait of brown sugar — in the new flip-top container. The western part of the U.S. will be introduced to the same product by C&H in the same flip-top container, but it will be called “Pourable Golden Brown Sugar.”

In addition to the newly designed packages and name changes to the companies’ brown sugar come name changes for both companies’ white sugar. The labels of the newly designed packages will read “Quick Dissolve Sugar,” highlighting that the product contained within is finer than traditional granulated sugar — both companies previously labeled this products as “Superfine Sugar” — and will quickly become part of any food or beverage needing sweetened.

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