Application Note

Detecting Bone, Hard Cartilage and Contaminants In Poultry Manufacturing

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

By Christy Draus

Foreign Object Detection For Chicken Breasts In Trays

There are many differing levels of variability to consider when it comes to detecting bone in poultry and managing hygienically controlled environments but with x-ray inspection technology, poultry processors can take into account these poultry processing variables and locate the critical control points on their line.

Poultry processors know the challenges they are faced with on a daily basis to produce sanitary, high quality, contaminant and bone-free poultry products. X-ray inspection technology helps to alleviate and simplify the production process with easy to use, hygienically constructed, robust equipment that adheres to strict sanitary design standards. This technology makes managing poultry production and bone or contaminant detection easier, letting poultry processors focus on greater quality output and their bottom line.

This white paper takes a look at poultry processors’ challenges in bone detection and walks through the process of selecting and placing the right x-ray inspection system for your production line at critical control points. It also looks at the broad levels of variability within bone detection and what to consider before integrating x-ray inspection equipment into your line.