Data Management Software For F & B Processors

Source: Aptean

Ross Data Manager has been designed to allow management of historical data in a more efficient manner, putting you in control of your ERP data instead of the other way around.

The four biggest benefits of archiving data consist of:

  • Improvement in ERP performance and response time – Archiving ERP data helps control the size of your database and ensures that only the information that is of significance to current operational goals and objectives is utilized.
  • Reduced processing time – As less data is being queried for reports and other functions, fewer server resources are required to handle requests.
  • Increased benefits in conjunction with upgrades – A smaller, more pertinent set of data takes less time to process during the upgrade cycle which results in reduced production downtime. Archived data can be done outside of production downtime.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership – The server resources and media required for backups and production disk space do not have to grow with the size of the database. Archived data can be stored on another server if desired.