Application Note

Application Note: Curling/Gelling Materials

Source: AMETEK Brookfield

The Cure Mode algorithm was developed in response to customer concerns that (1) their gel timers did not provide them with any viscosity or rheological data, and (2) they could not afford expensive rheometers that would monitor gelation or "curing" of materials such as epoxies, for example. This algorithm allows data to be taken over very large viscosity ranges - several decades, in fact. Brookfield Rheocalc32™ software (Version 3.0 or higher) is used for instrument control and data acquisition, with DV-II+ Pro Viscometer, DV-III+/DV-III Ultra Rheometer, for example. The software "wizard" in Rheocalc is used - "Cure Mode" is selected, and the wizard guides the user in setting up a test.