Newsletter | July 26, 2022

07.26.22 -- Contamination Control In Food Processing Equipment

Industry Insights
Contamination Control In Food Processing Equipment

An inability to prevent contamination occurring, no matter how severe or minor the case is deemed to be, can result in manufacturers failing to pass inspections and can undermine public confidence in their brands. This article highlights issues processors experience in preventing contamination and how engineering for contamination control in food processing equipment can be a solution.

Selection Criteria For Ribbon, Vertical, Or Tumble Blenders

Aside from the level of shear or ‘gentleness,’ other factors help determine which type of blender will work best in certain applications. Following are some things to consider when choosing your blender.

Six Keys To Automated Weighing Accuracy

We review six key considerations to take into account when crafting machines that function along the automation measuring chain.

Making The Business Case: Using Operational Intelligence To Increase Profitability In The Food And Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industries are characterized by large numbers of plants with diverse information systems, stringent manufacturing conditions, thin operating margins, and increasing regulatory requirements. This paper outlines some of the expected benefits from an OSIsoft PI System installation, as they impact key performance indicators (KPI).

Using X-Ray Inspection To Detect Faulty Popsicle Sticks

Broken popsicle sticks generate bad impressions, and can even cause serious injury among consumers. Thus, the detection of broken, flaked, bent, or cracked sticks is a vital challenge of ice popsicle manufacturers. This article covers a brilliant story of how our X-ray inspection system development team worked together with a Japanese customer who is well-known in the market, on how they could significantly enhance the detection capability of faulty sticks inside of cartons.

Pathogens In Poultry: Lower Your Risk Using New Process Control Methods

The poultry industry faces two critical challenges: maintaining high quality standards and minimizing the risk of pathogens. The presence of key pathogens such as Campylobacter and Salmonella in product batches can lead to recalls, impacting brand reputation and causing severe losses. In this webinar learn how to optimize your pathogen testing methods with a new solution that will simplify and accelerate the simultaneous detection of Campylobacter and Salmonella and the quantification of Campylobacter in poultry samples.

Reducing Vulnerability To Foreign Object Contamination In The Food Processing Industry

There are contamination risks from multiple sources throughout the whole food supply chain. Product inspection instruments support manufacturers’ food safety efforts by detecting foreign object contamination during processing and when used as a final check of finished goods, protecting consumers and brand reputations. Discover how modern product inspection techniques can help reduce brand vulnerability to unwanted contamination escapes.