Newsletter | May 19, 2021

05.19.21 -- Considerations For Product Inspection Technology In Food Production

Understanding Sensitivity Principles For Food Metal Detectors

There are a number of factors that affect the sensitivity of a metal detector and the ability to find different types of metal. Each of these is discussed in detail in the guide. It’s important to understand these factors to get the most out of your metal detection program.

Metal Detection, X-Ray Inspection Or Both?
Metal detection and X-ray inspection have long been the first line of defense against physical contaminants. However, vast improvements in engineering and software mean it's not immediately obvious which technology will provide the best performance. By summarizing the key advantages and disadvantages of each, this article helps readers decide which product inspection system to invest in for the best results.
The Metal Detection Guide: Building An Effective Program
Most manufacturers and processors in the food and pharmaceutical industries recognize the need for metal detection systems and that they are an essential element. However, merely installing metal detectors as standalone equipment will not necessarily guarantee the manufacture of products that are free of metal contaminants; metal detector installations need to form part of an effective overall metal detection program.
The Checkweighing Guide: Building An Effective Program

Checkweighers are key to ensuring manufacturers deliver quality products that ensure customer satisfaction. Selling products with incorrect weights causes problems for manufacturers: underweight products can result in companies being fined or subject to other penalties, whilst overweight products generate unnecessary and expensive product giveaway. This article guides you through building an effective checkweighing program.

The Vision Inspection Guide: Building An Effective Program
Vision technology provides an inspection solution that examines all products on a production line with a high level of accuracy, making it an extremely effective means of protecting against risks. Nevertheless, simply using appropriate vision inspection technology and hardware on their own is not enough to ensure truly effective product protection; vision inspection should be part of a turnkey production line product inspection program.