Case Study

CIP Phase Separation In Cheese/Whey Plant

Source: Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Proposed solution to reduce waste of CIP (Clean in Place) chemicals and reduction in amount of wastewater generated. Solution resulted in 30% less chemical usage, reduced energy consumption and production downtime by shortening CIP cycles by 10 to 20 minutes.

Application is to determine phase shift between cheese whey (slop) and rinse water. To ensure efficient cleaning, the whey must be removed from the system. This was done by manual observation which was inaccurate and time consuming (visual check every 10 minutes).

An OUSAF11 optical sensor and the CLS54 conductivity sensor work in tandem on a CIP line. The CLS54 measures the CIP chemical concentration and the OUSAF11 determines if whey or rinse water is in the line. By accurately measuring the detergent concentration, the CIP efficiency is maximized and the fast detection of rinse water and whey reduces waste of either media.