Newsletter | May 31, 2022

05.31.22 -- Choose The Right Inline High-Shear Mixer For Your Process

Industry Insights
Choose The Right Inline High-Shear Mixer For Your Process

This white paper presents some ideas for selecting the right inline high-shear mixer for your process based on a company’s collective experience as a mixing equipment provider to process industries.

Six Keys To Automated Weighing Accuracy

We review six key considerations to take into account when crafting machines that function along the automation measuring chain.

Assuring The Safety Of Frozen Foods During A Global Pandemic

Food manufacturers must now, more than ever, choose agile processing solutions, including inspection for foreign objects, in response to changing market demands. This need for flexibility has become more evident in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly impacted the global food supply chain.

Applying Variable-Speed Compressors In Multiple Compressor Applications

Variable-speed control for all types of industrial equipment is readily available on the market with competitive pricing to nonvariable speed-controlled alternatives, including in the air compressor industry. With the advent of prescriptive rebate programs for variable-speed compressors and other equipment, the demand for these types of controls has increased.

X-Ray Detection Of Stones In Bulk Blueberries

Crops such as berries often pick up unwanted stones or glass during harvesting. Because both stones and glass are lower density materials, they are challenging for most X-ray inspection systems to detect. Read how the Anritsu XR75 DualX uses dual-energy inspection to greatly enhance detection of lower density materials including the challenging glass and rocks. This technology enables reliable detection of these contaminants at low false reject rates — a true win-win solution for this difficult application.