Checkweighers: SV Series

Source: Anritsu Infivis Inc.

Checkweighers: SV Series

Integration of weight inspection and metal detection with industry’s top-ranked sensitivity.

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Space Saving Design - Shortest Machine Length 775mm -
Compact machines combining high-speed, highly-accurate weighing and high-sensitivity metal detection.

Maintenance Cost Reduced
Integration of checkweigher and metal detector simplifies daily inspection, helps reduce maintenance cost.

Construction Meeting HACCP Standards Prevents Dust/Residues Build-Up, Simplifies Cleaning
Open frame for easy cleaning. Quick changeover of conveyors without any tool.

Unified Operation Panel for Simple Operation and Quick Grasp of Line Conditions
A single operation panel controls a metal detection unit and a checkweigher. With the screen displaying both metal contamination and weighing results, you can grasp the condition of production lines at a glance.

Effective Statistics Analysis
With QUICCA consolidating the operating status of production lines, effective data management for weight inspection and metal detection is possible.

Solid Product Lineup of 150 Models
A wide selection of models satisfying diverse needs available through combining the detection heads of various pass heights with the modular design of checkweighers.

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