Newsletter | September 8, 2008

9.8.08 -- Spotlight On Metal Detection / X-Ray Inspection
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Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems lead the product inspection industry in sensitivity, durability and ease-of-use. Visit us at Pack Expo in Booth S-713 to find the ideal solution for your application requirements and for the opportunity to win $50,000 on our Jackpot Machine!

Product Brochure: Safeline Metal Detection Systems
Product Brochure: Safeline X-Ray Inspection Systems

Spotlight On Metal Detection / X-Ray Inspection
Goring Kerr PROx X-Ray Inspection System
The PROx is the next generation in a long line of powerful and flexible X-ray food protection systems from Thermo Scientific. Due to its unique design, it provides industry-leading detection of product defects including a wide range of contaminants and product assembly errors...

CanChek X-Ray Inspection
The Safeline CanChek X-ray inspection uses a horizontal, single split beam, with two detectors for inspecting cans, with or without a conveyor. CanChek inspects for contaminants such as metal, stone, bone, glass, and high-density plastics, and can check product mass, overfill and underfill, and for missing or damaged products...

Eriez Metal Detector/Checkweigher Systems
Eriez, in cooperation with Thompson Scale Company, provides metal detector and in-motion checkweigher systems for the most demanding quality control requirements. Fast and efficient, these systems combine Eriez' proven designs in metal detector technology with the accuracy and flexibility of TSC checkweighers...

MD Highest Precision Metal Detectors
With OCS metal detectors you can check your products reliably for any possible metal contamination. The smallest ferrous, stainless steel, or nonferrous particles, which may occur as abraded particles from parts which are rubbing together or turning, are safely detected and ejected from the product flow by a sorting device...

Cassel Metal Shark® GF
Cassel Metal Shark Gravity Fall Metal Detectors are available in standard height models. Cassel metal detectors detect all metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, in free-falling dry products. All gravity fall metal detectors are constructed of 316 stainless steel and include mounting frame...

MET30+ Pipeline Metal Detector
These metal detectors are ideal for 100% inspection of inline pumped liquids, creams, pastes, and other fluid products. The MET30+ Pipeline Metal Detectors are ruggedly constructed, fully waterproof detectors...

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Featured Products
Pinhole Inspector HDT-1
The Nikka Densok HDT-1 Pinhole Inspector is designed to inspect individual containers for possible liquid leakage. The compact, tabletop design is ideal for laboratory or production applications.

Belt Conveyors
Thanks to its original design features this light conveyor, specifically developed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind, is equally well adapted to the food production industry.

Stainless Steel Bins, Drums, And Funnels
Servolift offers a whole host of configurations to suit every product and process such as blending baffles, removable bin frames, casters, purge ports, and high-containment valves and systems. Servolift has standards in all capacities, ranging from 0.5 L to 3,000 L, in both round and square geometries.

Remcon Three-Runner Bins: Plastic
Remcon Three-Runner Bins provide an economical "green" solution that offers distinct advantages over stainless steel, cardboard, and other disposable containers. Backed by our industry-leading, five-year warranty, our bins help food processors increase productivity and reduce maintenance and disposal costs.

Accu-Tab® For Red Meat Processing
With increased USDA control, and proposed implementation of safety and HACCP requirements, now is the time to choose the Accu-Tab system for increased effectiveness of your plant's chlorination system.

Bins And Bin Systems
Bins and bin systems are the accepted industry standard for powder handling applications where close containment is essential. Custom Powder Systems bins and bin systems are used in virtually all powder handling and processing applications, and will be custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers
This range of dehumidifiers consists of four dehumidifiers. They are off-the-shelf dehumidifiers that combine state-of-the-art technology with dependability and long operating life for humidity control at virtually any temperature.

Stainless Steel Pliers
The stainless steel pliers from Steritool come with two or five positions and are designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles over years of use.

VICOTE® Coatings: VICTREX® PEEK™ Technology
VICOTE Coatings powder and liquid dispersions, based on the VICTREX PEEK polymer, offer exceptional scratch and wear resistance, high-temperature performance, strength, and durability. Eco-friendly VICOTE Coatings were developed to fill the performance gap found in many existing coating technologies today.

Featured Downloads
Brochure: Chopper Pumps For Food Processing Applications
With over 40 years of pump experience, and in excess of 20,000 pump installations, Vaughan has proven technology in long-term, low-maintenance, and highly reliable chopper pumps. The patented chopping action of the cupped-and-sharpened impeller blades chops and conditions all incoming solids, eliminating pump and piping plugging...
Brochure: FM Series Multistage High-Pressure Pumps
The FM Series of pumps have become the benchmark for reverse osmosis system pumps with a nonpulsating flow and lower maintenance costs. Built as multistage pumps, the FM is available in one, two, three, or four stages...
White Paper: Choosing Between Weight And Mass Inspection — Making An Informed Decision
The sole function of a gravimetric checkweigher is to be the best at weighing; the core competency of the X-ray inspection system is contaminant detection and checking for package integrity...
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