Newsletter | June 14, 2022

06.14.22 -- 5 Steps To Increase Energy-Efficient Mixing

Industry Insights
5 Steps To Increase Energy-Efficient Mixing

Mixer testing simulation trials are needed to confirm the suitability of a specific mixing strategy. This white paper explores five ways to increase energy efficiency in new and existing mixing processes.

How To Leverage Supplier Expertise To Expand Capacity Without Disrupting Operations

By following basic best practices and working with a trusted partner, food processing companies can make incremental increases to their production capacity without disruption or excess cost.

Achieve A Higher Level Of Food Safety With Selectscan Metal Detection

Food safety, product quality, and brand protection are of foremost concern to food processors. Food inspection technology manufacturers are responding with new inspection solutions to better detect metal foreign objects — the most common contaminant type — to help food processors achieve the detection parameters they need and to meet the increasing number of inspection compliance programs that retailers are requiring to do business with their suppliers.

A Winery Down Under

Award-winning winemaker Teusner Wines recently invested in two Kaeser SK 25 rotary screw compressors, which are responsible for delivering a reliable and energy-efficient supply of compressed air to the pneumatic — grape crushing — presses at their new purpose-built winery in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Increasing The Value Of Olive Oil With Filtration Technology

Every year, an olive oil producer dealt with a significant volume of high wax oils in their production; such oils commanded only a low market price. By implementing a specific type of filtration after settling and decantation, the customer realized excellent filtrate quality, which provided a three- to four-fold increase in its commercial value.

Food Safety And Compliance With High-Performance Weighing And Inspection

This guide helps to ensure your products reach your customers exactly as they should – no more, no less, correct, complete, and safe, inside and out.