News | March 31, 2009

Poultry Bone Detection Solutions Improved


Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA has successfully developed various x-ray solutions for the automatic detection of poultry bones in chicken fillets using a conveyor or with a pipeline system for pumpable trim meat. Speeds are well above typical production rates and automatic detection and rejection of 1/8" pulley bone at 98% accuracy with less than a 2% false reject rate has been documented on production lines at 100 butterfly filets per minute. Subsequently the pipeline unit for pumped product detects metal as small as 0.5mm stainless steel spheres and 0.3mm dia x 2mm long stainless wire while simultaneously detecting and rejecting 1mm to 2mm calcified bones.

With more and more processors moving towards automatic boning systems, the occurrence of pulley bone fragments imbedding within the filet increases. The addition of an Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Poultry Inspection System assures the quality of the finished product is repeatable.

In addition to bone detection, the Anritsu technology will also detect fe. non-fe and stainless metals as small as 0.6mm sphere, metal wire as small as 0.4mm diameter x 2mm long, 1mm glass, 1mm stone and other dense materials. With over 5000 X-Ray Systems installed globally, Anritsu is the global leader in food x-ray technology.

SOURCE: Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co, Ltd

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