News | December 15, 2010

Checkweigher Systems Used To Assure Compliance With Label Weight Regulations And Eliminate Consumer Complaints


As the world leader in food & pharmaceutical safety inspection equipment, Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA is at the forefront of detection technology. Our cutting edge X-ray inspection, checkweighers, and metal detectors are trusted by quality-conscious processors worldwide within the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Our products are HACCP-compliant, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain.

Checkweighers are installed on many food, industrial and pharmaceutical production lines for various quality control purposes. Often, the installation of an accurate checkweigher provides profit benefits to the user by controlling filler or scale accuracy to minimize product give away. Systems are also used to assure compliance with label weight regulations and to eliminate consumer complaints associated with missing item or low-weight packaging conditions. Line efficiencies can be tracked and 'give away' can be calculated providing an opportunity to stream line production and save costs within the process.

A checkweigher is an important part of a quality control program and a means to provide benefits to the company.

Anritsu Checkweigher Benefits

Proven And Reliable
Over 60,000 systems installed globally

With accuracies to 0.02 grams at 3 sigma, savings from minimizing give away are realized quickly and quality control issues are determined accurately.

Easy To Maintain
The modular design allows for superior documentation and overall system reliability not seen with custom design solutions. Overall savings are seen in maintenance costs.

Easy To Clean
Tool Free belt removal and open frame construction provides a means to quickly clean the system and reduce cleaning costs.

With hundreds of standard models, Anritsu will likely have a solution pre-engineered and ready for production. Ask us for a free quote to learn more.

  • SVh series: High Speed High Accuracy Models
  • SVi series: Washdown Models
  • SVf series: Economy Models

SOURCE: Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co, Ltd

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